Sunday 30 December 2018

New Orleans: French Quarter

The famous French Quarter, we went in the morning, so not when it is loud and crowded.

These oil lamps are still actually working with gas, love the little details.

We went to all the famous spots and buildings but did not neglect the back streets as well.

I recognized this door above from a photo I loved on Pinterest, I had no idea it was in New Orleans so it was funny to see it on the street :)

The streets are pretty messy and worn, but the buildings are beautiful.

There are hundreds of homeless people in the city, you'll see them practically on every street. Sadly a lot of them are Veterans and just people who lost their luck, addictions are of course also often a reason.

Love those hanging plants, along with those pretty iron works all producing pretty shades.

Love the little details, old and new.

The extra decorations for Christmas just give extra charm to everything.

These horse shaped poles were for 'parking' your horses back in the day.

My favorite shots from the famous Jackson square are these cute little birdies :)

We are so glad we decided to go during the Winter, the weather was great and no hurricane risk.

I found the horse cart inhumane with room for 8 people and just 1 horse is horrible.

You also come across some colorful people.

And even the wolf dressed as Grandma (and Grandma in his belly) with little red riding hood.

The Franch Market I found kind of underwhelming it sold mostly the same kind of stuff you'll see in any kind of market anywhere in the world and mostly made in China and such, besides a few nice ones.

No, we did not eat alligator! Did you know that alligators almost got extinct in the 1960's due to extreme hunting? They were hunted for their meat and leather. After huge actions, there are now 2 million alligators here. I hope this kind of actions will also be taken for elephants, giraffes, tigers etc etc, all the animal's humans are killing :(

Did you ever see a bike like this? Look closely :)

And this street musician's greatest fan was his dog, so heart melting.

They love the odd in this city, the vampires, the supernatural, the voodoo etc.

Most streets are pretty narrow so almost all streets are one way, this one, however, has gone gay :)

While we are getting further and further away from this city I still have some amazing stuff to post about it. I guess our vacation will continue a bit longer on our blog than in real life.


  1. Amazing to travel with you. Have a great new year.

  2. Alluring decay is what comes to mind. Beautiful place!

  3. Thank you for sharing! The architecture feels so typical of over there and so known through tv movies, it's a bit eery.
    It's rather strange most of the time to be honest.
    Sad for the many homeless people :(