Monday 19 April 2010

European Street Team Challenge

Yaaay we won this week's challenge of the EuropeanStreetTeam with the theme 'Folds', you can see all entries right here.

And the new theme is....

~~~~~~THE SUN~~~~~~

After all these winter months I thing many of us are missing the sun. So make something that wil remind us of the sun as soon as we see it :)
Looking forward to see all entries, deadline will be monday night, 26 of april, 22:00.

And the first entry is Sunny Fingers made by sexyhandmade:

The second entry is made by AngelPearls, EcoFriendly SUN BROOCH FLOWER Crochet Recycled Plastic bags:

The third entry is made by IngerMaaike, knit and felt sun vest:

The fourth entry is made by Vadjutka, Being Framed - Sun - necklace:

The Sun, a bracelet-cuff by LaTouchables is the fifth entry:

Sunny Yellow Earrings is the sixth entry made by DeerLola:

Our entry, The Sun is shining-necklace and earrings:

Lace Laser Cut Earrings made by NoniBam:

The ninth entry is made by steinschmuckdesign, Rock Crystal gold Earrings:

sofiasobeide made this Sunny crochet cell phone/iphone/ipod pouch:

Soleil - original watercolor painting, entry 11 by svitrolica:

12th entry is made by Florigamigirl, felted wool gadget pouch - sunset:

The Sun - FeltFolkFlowerPin made by roroism:

LabSpace's SUNSHINE - little bag for iPhone (or other cellphone):

Good morning Sun, 4x4 photo block made by stephmel:

Sun Acrylic oilpainting on wooden stand made by NancyvdBoom:

violasboutique made this Set of 4 pure cotton crocheted sun applique embellishments:

LeelaBijou's Sunny Days Long Necklace :

Toosis made this Gold Brooch with a Ruby Stone Centered in a Petite and Cute Bouquet of Branches and Flowers:

Lindecise's entry, The Sun is Mine Ring - Made of polymer clay and gold plated wire:

Knitted macbook or laptop sleeve - Sunny Spring rainbow by Martice:

zsazsazsu1963's entry, Sun and flowers necklace:

AU SOLEIL embellished women top by lamarquisedesanges:

Fleurfatale's entry, Sun day - necklace:

The Sunny Rose Brooch / Hair Pin by alatvian:

Your own personal Sun Mini lamp by FiligreeCreations:

filigreephotos's Surrounded by Sun Fine art photography print:

Sun Splendour - Beadwoven Pendant by gr8jewellery:


  1. Congratulations for winning!

    Great theme! We all need it!

  2. Oooooh FABULOUS!!! I love it, what a magnificent theme!! :)))

  3. I'll start first thing in the morning!

  4. Congratz Star and nice new theme...!!!! I made mine yesterday (did I guess the new theme??) LOL

  5. Congrats ! :)

    I think this time I want to enter something! :-)))

  6. lovely theme!
    I hope I can partecipate!

  7. Congrats on winning!!
    Lovely theme!! Started to work at it already!

  8. CONGRATS!!!!

    Yay for winning and yay for the super-dee-duper new theme!!! :D

  9. Congrats! really a nice (and warm) theme!

  10. fab theme love it ...i am so missing sun... and star !!!


  11. I sure hope I find the inspiration to participate on this one :) I miss joining on these challenges!
    Great theme!!!

  12. Congrats Estella!
    I'll try to make something for this challenge.

  13. Well done! Im going to have to go and find a picture of the sun to see what it looks like.....I live in the uk... ;-p

  14. congrats to you and mamastar for winning the last challenge! i love the new theme and will try to enter this week! xx

  15. congrats ladies!
    and very very very cool sunny new theme! :)

  16. very interesting theme Star!

  17. Congrats -that was really a nice bag! Sun..difficult! Love//Eva

  18. wow, the vest of ingermaaike is amazing!
    I hope I can bring a sunny item!

  19. wonderful and inspiring theme and so amazing entries so far!

  20. I really like Svitrolica's watercolour: it gives me the FEELING of a burning hot sun, without using any trace of yellow. Now that is so very masterful and clever.

  21. Hi Esthella, I sent you my entry....hope it's ok with my tiny acrylic sun!
    The entries are wonderful, no wonder with such a warm theme.

  22. Nancy, your picture is great! love the photo, looks like the paintig has come here on it´s own feet..

  23. I have an entry: :)))) Just uploaded it :)

  24. Yes My Sun made it to the Challenge ;-)) !!!

  25. I totally agree with Donauluft: Nancy, the picture of your lovely painting is so dynamic and "sympa", it gives your creation a personality of its own! Great picture!

  26. aaaaaaarrrrk still trying to come up with something ....

  27. congrats for winning !!! and I so love the ew theme. I am actually putting the final touches to me entry :)

  28. Of course I keep checking to see what everyone is coming up with and oooooo! if I may say so, Lindecise's ring is REALLY FAB!

  29. it seems from the entries that its a really inspiring topic!
    thanks for hosting it!

  30. That's fantastic:-) Love them all! xoxo

  31. Im rather fond of the lamp and the embellished T-shirt, mmmmmm.

  32. What wonderful and interesting entries. What an exciting challenge. Congratulations to the winner - the painting is beautiful - great texture.