Monday 26 April 2010

Monday Moodboard

1. starrybluesky 2. VKnO 3. atelierpompadour 4. ZsBcreations

We will be travelling to Amsterdam at thursday night to stay there for two weeks. Beside paperwork like new ID's and passports we also hope to meet up with some Etsy friends.
We knew that we were going for months but somehow we don't feel prepaired for the journey. All kind of preparations are inquired and of course the long journey ahead and running around in Amsterdam makes us a bit nervous, so Amsterdam is our mood these days.

Wishing you all a fabulous week!

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  1. Have a lovely trip! Even though you feel "unprepared", your "mood" seems to be the right one! :))) Ciao, I wish you lots of creative travelling and interesting meetings.

  2. Wonderful moodboard! Hope you have a great trip to Amsterdam! Have a lovely week :)

  3. o my stars

    if i was over that side still i would come to meet you both
    you have inspired and made the most amazing creations for me and my loved ones .......


  4. I have never been to Amsterdam, but I am always nervous as well when I travel to big cities...
    and I have to deal with paperworks and so...
    well try to fix all the boring things quickly so that you can enjoy the rest of the time in Amsterdam.

  5. enjoy1 and i hope all formalities will go smooth!

  6. Ooh thanks for including my "Steps" in your Amsterdam mood. Hope you'll have a lovely time and all will go smoothly. Sad I won't be in Amsterdam and able to meet you - I'm planning a trip there a few weeks later.

  7. beautiful finds, have a great trip!

  8. Have a very nice and relaxing trip to Amsterdam ! It's useless to
    stress !

  9. Wish I could come down there to meet you both! Have a fantastic time! beautiful finds for the mood board

  10. Wonderful picks!

    I hope you have a great time in Amsterdam! :)