Tuesday 9 November 2010

Introducing: Leo

This is Leo, brother of Ufo, son of Daisy. Obviously a different dad, because the coloring and temperament are very different while the general shape is the same. They both have that passionate and crazy that most terriers have.

Instead of Ufo's gloominess, Leo is relaxed and easy going, a happy-go-lucky kind of dog who mixes well with the other dogs, excepting, alas, his brother. Lots of sibling animosity between those two.
Leo is also an obedient dog, a rare quality among our doggies, that tend to become instantly deaf when they hear a command that they don't like.
Although we are, of course, the head of the pack, and the doggies are at the same time eager to please us, sometimes they really have to be persuaded with a lot of talking, or a little push, when it comes to vacating a favorite chair :)

That bring us to the subject of educating dogs. I have this theory, that (over) educating dogs is no good. Often you will hear or read about dogs biting their owners. I think that imposing your will on a dog with a lot of unnecessary commands will result in pent up agression that can turn against the owner when the dog is full grown. Police dogs, specially male dogs, became a liability when they reach their prime, at five years of age or so, and are often put down.
So, our dogs are house trained and do globally what are supposed to because they love us, but they don't walk at heel or sit pretty :)
I would like to know your thoughts on this!


  1. oh! what a handsome blonde man!
    I love this kind of fur and color is just amazing! camomile shampoo i believe ;-)

  2. Leo is a cutie too. I never had a dog of my own so I wouldn't really know much about their education...but I imagine that like any other living being they don't like to be forced into doing things they have no inclination for...

  3. Leo is a real beauty; I too love his terrier-like coat a lot. My idea about dog-training is exactly like yours. They must know that I am the pack leader, but no tricks and artificial behaviour ! I remember one dog that we had from the shelter when I was a kid, that was pretty wild. The shelter people convinced my mum she had to go to dog training. When she came back from the first training, she shouted that this was also the last training, because the trainer was a kind of military sergeant :) She hated him and his dog school. The dog became a very lovely and sweet creature in our house :)

  4. Awww, how lovely he is. :) Can't really comment on dog training though, as I've never had a dog of my own, alas...

  5. What a cutie!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I second you about the dog training: a pet must be socialized, but not too much of trained, as it is a living being, not a machine or toy.

  6. Awwww what a sweet and handsome boy! It's so wonderful that each single dog has - like all animals, including us humans - his/her own personality!
    I completely agree with your idea of education!!!! Excellent point!!! I want a pet to love me, not to be a little soldier! And having mostly cats around me, I'm really nor the kind of person who likes to impose her will on other living beings :)! Of course with dogs it's a little different, they need to know you are the pack leader - but no military rules please! Thank you for this great post. I can really see how much you love animals.

  7. What sweet hearts...... too cute for words..... give them a pat and a hug.

  8. PS: there is an "old soul" behind those eyes.