Monday 27 December 2010


A while ago I won a suprise gift at Loddelina's blog with a guessing game. One day before Fleurtje passed away it arrived. An adorable brooch with a tiny doggie embroidered on it, she looks like Fleurtje.

Damjana aka Loddelina really knows how to use a sewing machine, the embroidery is as fine and detailed as a pencil drawing, really beautiful!
Thanks so much for the lovely gift, it means even more to us now!

If you want your own house brooch or a fabulous handmade bag, visit Loddelina's shop!


  1. Ik kan me heel goed voorstellen hoe dierbaar het huisje is geworden, ik maakte een tijdje terug ongeveer hetzelfde mee met onze hond Digger:
    Sterkte, je zult Fleurtje vast erg missen :'-(

  2. Lovely and very special, connected with Fleurtje...
    thank you for sharing Estella and I will have a look in Loddelina's shop too!

  3. Oh, yes.. Loddelina knows how to use sewing machine. It's a sweet broch.

  4. Yes, Damjana really knows how to use her sewing machine. Her work is beautiful. What a lovely gift!

  5. Beautiful brooch, such detailed work! And I can really see how MEANINGFUL it is to you... Your Fleurtje is alive in your hearts and in your Home forever.

  6. Thank you, Estella, I'm so happy that you like it!

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays and have a happy & fabulous Etsy new year!

  7. I am a new follower. thank you for sharing Estella and I will have a look into Loddelina's shop too! I love the brooch very much.

    Lisa @Lesapea xx