Thursday 30 December 2010

Our Creative Space...

There is not much that can stop us from creating, not even Christmas :)

We had some nice quiet days with  embroidery projects, this is one of them, another candle wicking pillow.

We both did pieces, so we took turns and it was finished pretty fast that way. At the same time we finished two bags as we both each made a bag while the other took her turn :)

It has quilted details so a beautiful 3d effect.

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  1. Another beautiful creation!

    A happy, creative and successful New Year for you and your mom!

  2. Wonderful work! Best wishes to you both, may the new year bring you increased success :)

  3. Is there no end to all your creativity...hehehe Just kidding, you both are so inspiring with all your creative and challenging projects. I don't think there is anything that can stop you. And I LOVE that pillow. LOVE!

  4. That pillow is breathtaking, I can't believe all the tiny embroidered details - I am looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work in 2011!

  5. What an efficient and productive team you are! :)

  6. Niezwykle ciekawe i piękne wykonanie.

  7. beautiful!! and a lot of work...

  8. Your pillow is fantastic. I enjoy checking your site weekly.
    Please read my daughter-in-law's web site and leave her a comment. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer right before Christmas. She is 39, with three small children. She needs encouragement, prayers, positive thought from all over the world. Happy New Year !!
    Thank you, Elizabeth Rhyneer