Monday 13 December 2010

A Walk in the Woods

A few days ago I went to the forest with a friend to reload some energy and to collect mushrooms, the so called Çıntar. The Çıntars are only for a few weeks 'available' in some of the forests.

It is a huge passion of many to collect as many as possible to stock up for winter and of course food free of charge beside the extreme exercise ofcourse.

Non of these are eatable, but just beautiful.

I guess this one will tickle terrarium lovers, some beautiful moss.

I have always loved the amazing details of wild mushrooms, although this one is not eatable either!

The weirdest thing I came across was this...

The forests are full of wild boars (swines). And of course as every living creatures it has it needs.

I was amazed how some kind of plants was growing out of their poops :)

This little guy was in the middle of the forest having a little rest.

The Çıntars are hidden in painful bushes under leaves. It is like searching for Eastern eggs but a bit painfull due to the thorns and branches.

Aaaah bummer, this one is a fake and not eatable....

But this bucket full is our harvest, and we have enjoyed them!


  1. OMG! Such wonderful photos!!!! Like I also was there!

  2. Lovely walk and to see that you still have Autumn! The fungi look do you cook them?

  3. Beautiful photos my friend. I'm sure the walk really was energizing ... the smells, lights, and sights in the woods are amazing.

  4. Love your pictures. The bright greens and browns are wonderful. The acorns are huge compared to the ones in our area. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  5. beautiful mushrooms ! and that moss ! love it

  6. great walk documentation!
    The pictures are wonderful, congrats to your harvest!

  7. Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing finds!

    Btw: "dzintars" is Latvian for amber. And the mushrooms you collected are of this color, aren't they? Stunning!

  8. What a gift...thank you. It was delightful to sit and have my coffee this morning while experiencing the forest through your eyes. Your photos are amazing. Thank you. -Marlene

  9. Great post and wonderful pictures! I love nature and walking in woods is so beautiful and energizing! Going to have a walk in the woods right now :)!

  10. Beautiful walk you had! Thanks for sharing your pictures, it feels like being with you in that forest :) It's such a great pleasure to hunt for mushrooms!

  11. this post felt to me like you took me crawling on hands and knees over the soil of the wood....smelling the moss, the earth, the leaves....thank you so much for this experience.

  12. Nature is soooo amazing,
    fantastic Photos!!!

  13. Lovely walk in the woods. Thanks for sharing!