Sunday 17 November 2013

Our Creative Space...

We have a new toy, it is something that mum has been wanting for a long time and finally we could afford it. It is the Eclips electronic cutting machine, which cuts leather, vinyl, cardboard etc by simply putting it in to the machine and choosing the shape you want.

We have lots of lovely colors of fake leather and I have been cutting them up and want to rivet those shapes together to make a bag, I think it will look super fun :)

You have to put the material you want to cut on a sticky material, thin paper didn't work out well as it got stuck, but thicker material worked fine. One down point is that the stickyness goes away almost right away so if you are thinking of buying one, also stock up some spray glue to spray it as without it the material get stuck and it becomes a cutted mess.

We are also planning to use these kind of things for packaging, for a fun and festive finishing touch.

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  1. Woooow! I am dreaming with that toy for a long time :)