Monday 4 November 2013

Our Creative Space...

Mum has been knitting lately, she finds it therapeutic. Although she buys a lot of yarn, it is still cheaper than a shrink and some nice things come out of it :) She always explains her next projects to me before starting and often I warn her that it will take her a while to finish it as the project is big and she doesn't knit very fast, but of course my warning always go to waste and she makes it anyway. About half way through the sighning and complaining starts but eventually she finishes them all.

Of course after all those complaints you would think she wouldn't start all over again, but she always does, actually right after one ends she starts a new one and so goes the cycle of signing, complaining and finishing projects :)

While I write this she already started to knit something else, but the one in the pictures is a beautiful blue round knitted bag. It was huge and in the same time she could have knitted a clothing piece.

As you can see my entire upper body fits in to it, but this bag was made of 100% wool and after a machine wash to felt it, it has a perfect size.

Now hardly my head fits in it :) The ribbles give a super fun detail, only the lining, closure and straps to do and it will be in the shop shortly.


  1. funny pics :) ı love your mother's style, mine is the same nowadays:) btw, the colour is great!

  2. Fun post and pretty bag. Enjoyed it.

  3. wow, I love it! Love the color and the way you told about all process, your mom is great and you too!)