Monday 14 September 2015

From Shabby to Chic Vol.2

Another sad little stool got loads of tender loving care to become a beauty.
I love seeing its previous state to appreciate how rewarding this is to do, after many hours of sanding, layers of varnish, sanding again and painting it, I really need a reminder to how it was to appreciate more how it has become :)

Actually preparing the piece takes much more time and effort than upholstering it.

As we already had the same kind of stool transformed we wanted this one to be entirely different than the previous one.

I wanted it nicely round like a big fat mushroom :) which turned out to be a challenge but eventually worked out. With the flowers and butterfly its like it would fit perfectly in a scene of Alice in Wonderland.

The embroidery is a vintage piece of punch needle embroidery, on its own it is pretty kitsch but now it is hip (if I may say so), it is so nice two give two old pieces a new life together.

The little Ottoman is available in our decor shop, among other revamped furniture pieces.


  1. Love it! Especially love to see the feet completely, these are very much worth showing!
    A very happy stool!

  2. I so love this serie of revamped furnitures :)

  3. Another cool project Estella! Congrats!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the combination of colors!

  5. Hey, this would fit in my new kicthen perfectly...and the Alice in Wonderland theme is just my thing too!

  6. Love, love, this piece the paint is perfect and applied nicely. This is a chic stool !

    1. Thank you, I appreciate you mentioning the paint as that is 3 layers of varnish and 3 layers of paint with sanding in between :)