Monday 15 May 2017

From Yosemite to Nevada City

It has been a few days since my last update on our trip, just busy with traveling and thrifting :)

So on Thursday morning we drove to Yosemite Valley, which is pretty much the center of Yosemite National Park. Apparently there was a huge fire 3 years ago, the drought of several years had made the trees week against bugs and fires. Luckily this year it has rained a lot and the Waterfalls were very full, so full that it is expected to fall all Summer long which is unusual.

Further in the Park it was not burned but we came across thousands of burned or dried trees, here is hoping for some more good rainy Winters!

The shapes of the mountains were amazing, so were the waterfalls, it was like a piece of heaven.

So this amount of water is unusual, but everything was lush and fresh near the water.

We walked very near one of the waterfalls, and it was falling down so hard that we got totally soaked :) It was cold but super fun, a bit like our crazy Golden Gate bridge ride :)

This was the very wet one, well all waterfalls are wet but this one made us wet too :)

It was like walking under heavy rain, luckily the weather was warm so we were okay, and we had our clothes in the car. Some visitors clearly knew what they were doing and came with raincoats and such but most people were like us, totally not aware what was about to happen.

Some parts reminded me of The Sound of Music, there was still some snow on some of the mountains.

We love trees and nature so it was a very worthwhile drive.

After the park we went to Sutter Creek, to go towards Lake Tahoe and Nevada City we got some thrift stores along the way (checked Google and added the addresses to the GPS, we had a lot planned). All in all I drove more than 7 hours that day.

Sutter Creek was a cute little town.

The next morning we were planning to go towards Lake Tahoe but it was going to be way too late as we had planned to visit my friend Juliette on Thursday at Nevada City. We did visit about 10 (lost count) thrift stores on our way and it was again a lot of driving but we had loads of fun.

We have been staying at Juliette (a fellow Etsy seller) this weekend and will be here till Monday (tomorrow) where we will be going to Lake Tahoe and to yet another Etsy friend at Reno.

This weekend we went to Grass Valley, Nevada City and Rough & Ready which are all next to each other and all cute little historic places.

We also went to 3 estate sales, which are quite the experience, this one below also had a huge barn, you just walk around the entire property and pick up what you want to buy, very interesting experience and you can find some really cool stuff.

Hope to have another post soon with Lake Tahoe (where we will also enjoy a whole bunch of Thrift stores again beside the beautiful lake :)


  1. These are beautiful cliffs. I would like to see from the same

  2. Stunning pictures. Looks like an amazing trip

  3. I can see by the pictures why you got wet. Like a heavy mist and rain. Looks amazing though!
    Lovely to meet Etsy friends too!

  4. Very beautiful landscapes and places! Enjoy your trip!

  5. Wonderful pictures. I think my husband had the same trip when we were dating. I'll show him the roads you took. Those wooden houses are so beautiful. I love this architecture.

  6. Wow Estellinha, what awesome landscapes you have been to. And those houses at Nevada City are soooo pretty! Keep having fun my dear. Send my love to mom!

  7. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! The houses and the landscapes are amazing!!

  8. The landscapes are amazing. It's always odd how "regular" landscapes can be breathtaking. (as in, it's not the biggest or rarest whatever in the world so doesn't make any list of things to see)
    Also those timber houses are gorgeous!