Monday 1 May 2017

Traveling Plans

You might remember that we went to Spain last year. The reason was that we inherited some money from my grandmother. We could finally renew our 20 year old car with a new one (yaaay!), and with the money we have left we are treating ourselves with the first real vacation after 10 years. The travels we have done the past years were always because we had to do stuff in either Spain or the Netherlands where we have family, so this time is really just for fun, an unknown luxury for us.

We are very excited to go to San Francisco and then travel through Northern California. We'll be sure to share our days here. We are planning to hit loads of thrift stores and flea markets to source pretty stuff to re use in our creations :) We found a nice list of flea markets on a funnily named site :) Normal people go to museum's and sightseeing, we go for the fleas :)
In the mean time a kind American guy is sitting our doggies and enjoying warm Turkish weather in our home.

From tomorrow morning we'll be traveling, it is going to be a long journey but we'll update you soon with our adventures :) Our shops will remain open but our next shipping date is June 1st.


  1. Can I come along? Can I? CAN I?
    Don't know if you're going to LA too but there's a gigantic flea market in Long Beach every month...

  2. how cool! very happy for you! You really desserve some vacation! Have fun!

  3. I hope you have a great time! I was in San Francisco two years ago and liked the town a lot!
    And the real vacation was really overdue...

  4. This is a nice trip planning

  5. Great! Have a nice trip and a lot of inspiration on the way! :)

  6. San Francisco is amazing!! you will have a blast there, a lot of incredible flea markets and faires!