Saturday 6 May 2017

San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Castro and Mission

Yesterday we took a tour bus, just to be able to see everything without walking as we really needed a rest.

We went down to the Pier and then up to the Golden Gate bridge.

Funny enough just like the sea lions I had not seen the bridge last time, from a far it was too foggy last time and I had no time to go closer.
Although iconic and visit worthy not the best place of this beautiful city.

The bus then went to Golden Gate Park, we stayed on the bus as we had other plans and enjoyed everything while sitting :)

The Japanese Tea Garden.

A huge and beautiful greenhouse.

Selfie sticks were not allowed on the bus to avoid electrocution lol :)

We then went to Castro where we got off.

We walked a good bit, but reached our destination: thriftstores!

We scored some pretty stuff, including a little globe for my ever growing globe collection.

We walked so much that by 6 we crashed at the hotel and at 9 we were asleep, so much for Friday night parties :)

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  1. I find the buildings really fascinating, you make me want to visit San Francisco :)