Thursday 18 May 2017

Reno, Lake Tahoe and Virginia City

On Monday we left Nevada City and went to Lake Tahoe. I have been there last year but it was then in August, very warm and sunny. Now there was still lots of snow due to the altitude of the mountains. It seemed like we went from California to Switzerland, the landscape was so different.

If you check my pictures of last year you'll see some same angles but very differently.

It was nice and calm this time, much less people which I found to be a good thing. It was a bit cold but that was okay :)

After 5 years of drought in many places of California it has been a terrific Winter with lots of rain, the result is lots of waterfalls and greenness.

We saw a cute little chipmunk, very busy eating and not caring about all the people looking at him.

After Lake Tahoe we headed to Reno.

Reno is just a large city, as it is in Nevada there are plenty of Casino's. The reason we came here is that I wanted to meet an old Etsy Friend, Frances Melhop, who moved here in 2010. It was so nice to meet here after so many years.

Reno itself did have something fun for us which was tons of Thrift shops, we are having a major luggage drama here, not sure yet how we are going to bring everything back, and we still have 10 days to go so it is going to be crazy :D

And we went to Virginia city which we had not heard of but it is the town where the writer Samuel Clemens started to write under the name Mark Twain. So it really has some history, and the nice part is you can fully appreciate its history as everything is kind of stuck in 1860 or so.

There are actually surprisingly many little towns that still have a vibe of a 100 years ago, this town is in Nevada but we also saw a few in California, places we never  had hear of from our neck of the woods.

This Antiques and Rocks shop was unfortunately closed but it looked promising and curious.

Most shops were embracing the Wild West that is the theme of the town, and even though some locals are very genuine the shops were more touristic but never the less very fun to look at, and we did shop a little.

It was very cold that day and this town is very windy so the streets were very empty which normally is not the case so the cold was a good thing although we were freezing :)

It was an adorable town and we loved it, I'm sure it is fun in the Summer too, a bit crowded I'm guessing and apparently gun shows are all the rage then, which is not really our cup of tea ;)

 The shops had the craziest names like Bucket of Blood and Suicide Table, very Wild West.

The side walks were wood which must be fun when you walk around in heavy cowboy boots :)

Tomorrow we are heading back down towards Sacramento and then the coast to Santa Rosa and we'll be around the ocean for a while :)


  1. Ha! Enjoyed the wild west theme and it was so strange to see cars on the street instead of horses and carts. :) the photos of the lake are beautiful!

  2. How beautiful! You make great photos, Estella!
    Feel all this atmosphere!

  3. The photos of the lake make me think to the movie "On Golden Pond" with Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn.
    All the photos are very beautiful!!

  4. I am very happy to enjoy your journey. And I envy you a little

  5. This little city looks so cool. I was wandering few posts ago already how ou gonna carry all your thrift treasures back :D

  6. Oh the lake is so beautiful!
    And I love the pictures of these old buildings, it's a bit like time travelling!