Thursday 27 July 2017

Our Creative Space...

About two years ago we invested in all the materials to do electroforming, after doing one batch of crabs and starfishes we did not touch it anymore mainly due to lack of time or better said; just not making the time for it.

But I've been making new pieces now and am experimenting different techniques which has been lots of fun.

I make rings with a metal ring base and then shape the ring around the stone with clay. After baking the clay I paint the clay with metal conductive paint and I electroform it with copper for 4-5 hours.

Once it is copper it can turn into silver by electroforming it with fine silver (999).

I'm very happy with the results and am working on some new pieces with natural stones.

This ring with Carborundum stone is beside beautiful perfect for self-defense lol :)

I also turned this beautiful starfish in silver.

The shape was how we found it on the beach, you can actually reshape dead starfishes by making it wet again and reshape it but we like the unusual and natural shape much more.

All 3 pieces are available in the shop and I hope to finish more in the coming weeks.


  1. these are incredible! good thing you are making time for these. Absolutely love them!

  2. Beautiful items, so glad you've found the time to this again.

  3. Electorforming is a very interesting technique and definitely worth exploring!

  4. Wow! So stylish and unique jewels!

  5. it is an interesting technique, don't stop experimenting!

  6. All of your new jewelry is amazing! The second ring would be perfect for Cersei Lannister I think. :)