Monday 17 July 2017

From Trash to Treasure

This chair was really almost trash, its legs was very gymnastic, something that chairs should not be able to do :)

Despite how it looked, nothing was broken, the connections were just separated, the glue was dried out and some connections were just not done properly back in the day.

After peeling off all the fabric and foam the entire skeleton needed to be separated and re-glued and re-attached properly to make it strong again.

Already looking better once the legs were back in the correct yoga pose :)

I sanded and painted the wood work, which was a little different due to the fun mid century style arms.

And it was time for new foam. Originally it had a cushion but we usually prefer direct upholstery as cushions slide, get out of shape and just don't look that good in our humble opinion.

With each chair the seat always is the first to upholster.

Then the inside arms and wings if it has wings.

And then the inside back, outside arms and finally the outside back and under the chair.

Inside each chair is a mess of fabric, foam and filling, each fabric has its purpose to keep everything in shape and place :)

I cut and sew strips of the gingham fabric for fun striped piping.

And tadaaah! The inspiration for this one was of course the striking rice bag.
Unlike what you would think this bag and the rice was produced in the USA for the Saudi Arabia market. They choose an interesting image for the packaging but that was also the reason why we choose to use it. The chair was not made to offend anyone, we just love the portrait and of course the exotic writings.

We used colors to match the rice bag, with vintage embroideries on the side.

Black and white piping for the red parts... piping for the black and white fabric.

The back side of the rice bag became the back of the chair, with black and white piping to keep it fun.
It turned out very unusual and we love it :)
The chair is available among other one of a kind furniture in our shop.


  1. WOW, girls you have great ideas and your work turn out really awesome.

  2. the back side is AMAZING!!! aaahhhh, you are genious!

  3. you are on a roll! great new piece of furniture!