Monday 24 July 2017

Beach and Bags

We went to the beach yesterday, funny enough we hardly go to the beach during the Summer.
It is just too hot to stay long and too crowded to actually find something or to enjoy it as much as we enjoy it during the Winter months.

I had just finished two beach totes so used the opportunity to take pictures of them on the beach :)

While the views are gorgeous we were frustrated by how much garbage people leave behind once they had their day on the beach, it seems people come to eat and do not care about the mess they leave behind :(

About the totes; they are made of linen and have machine embroidered anchors. The straps are upcycled leather, riveted to the bag. They have a fun anchor charm for a fun finishing touch.

The heat has gotten to me this year, and I am looking forward to cooler times when the beaches are ours again, calm and clean.

Both anchor bags are available at StarBags.


  1. those bags are fun!
    We tend to avoid beaches in summer too, it's too hot and the roads are too crowded. The beach we go too is nice though, because it's 7 km long so there's always a spot that is far away from others. Only 3 parkings make sure of that.

    And it always enrages me when people leave their garbage behind.

  2. Great new bags!
    And the garbage seems to be a problem everywhere in the world!

  3. Wish I was there on the beach surrounded by this amazing landscape!

  4. In my area this year it's cold. On the beach you can sit only in a sweater and warm socks