Monday 3 July 2017

Vintage Oars Decor ideas

I've listed two sets of vintage oars, one set is this beautiful pair.

Which you could hang above a bed, like found here.

I love the subtle stripe of this pair, it is done with a different type of wood.

I love the Nautical vibe of this hallway!

Hanging them above the couch in the living room is also a fun idea, you could hang a whole collection like that.

The other set of oars is a set of three widowed oars. They are gorgeous but lost their other half and are now happy with the three of them :)

You could use them separately, one as a stair hand rail.

Ours each have different lengths and colors making them a fun set.

As curtain rods they look very cool too, and here is a step by step on how to do that yourself.

Our oars still have all the fun details, making them genuinely nautical :)

I love this composition of sea related items together. This could be done anywhere in the house and could be changed when you get new findings.

You can also use all three together, and maybe add more in time.

You can also add them as accents above windows or doors.

There is also a coat rack in the shop made out of an oar that we found on the beach.


  1. They are amazing! Great decor ideas and wonderful photos!

  2. I love the three oars set! I think it would look great on a wall!

  3. What great finds! I love all the ideas how to use them, beautiful put together and great photography!

  4. I did not think that they can be used in the interior,   A paddle paddle this is a great idea.

  5. great ideas! love nautical vibes!

  6. Nice! Love the "useful" ones, the curtain rods and the handrail. Brilliant!