Friday 28 June 2019

An Upcycled Chair

This very old and very sad chair was in no condition to sit on.

Lots of pieces were missing but also some parts were rotten away. So as a chair it was trash, but I loved the backrest which was also in the best condition.

I sawed off everything of the chair that I did not need.

And added this wooden piece, to make it a towel rack.

I painted it dark green first.
And the next day with daylight a layer of teal and with some help of stencils and a rust-colored paint I gave it some rustic adornments.

The piece got varnished and turned out beautiful.

You can hang towels in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Or you can use it in your bedroom for shawls, scarves, ties, belts or necklaces.

Another mission of saving something from ending up in the landfill accomplished feels good :)

It is available at StarHomeStudio among many other home decor pieces.