Thursday 20 June 2019

Upholstery Springs and What to do with them

So we have a whole bunch of upholstery springs, a byproduct of restoring vintage furniture. We do not use them in the chair again as they are not very practical. They are super strong and I love how the ends are twisted around. I thought they were fun but we haven't been using them.

They are impressive!

And turn out to be great to display driftwood!

They also turn out to be super handy to hold tools and brushes.

But after a search on Pinterest there turns out to be many possibilities like cool Steam punk style lamp caps.

Fun plant pot holders.

Vases by putting glass tubes in them, these are attached to salvaged wood making them more stable.

They also make for fun candle holders.

And even paper/photo holders!

Even wine bottle holders.
But also wind chims, earrings holders, Christmas trees, wreaths, even a chandelier and so much more that I start to wonder how on earth I have done without them all these years :)
If you'd like to tackle some of these projects or got even a better idea, they are available at StarHomeStudio :)


  1. Ooh, these are looking fabulous!
    It’s a very beautiful work !

  2. Those are really fun ideas!

  3. Really great ideas, my favorites are flowers pot holders and wine rack.