Thursday 6 June 2019

Art Deco Pedestal Table Make over

This adorable Art Deco pedestal table has been waiting for some TLC for 3 years!

It had a lot of damage, most of the wood veneer was damaged or peeled off. We could have replaced it but we wanted to give it a new look instead.

After lots of sanding, filling, varnishing and more sanding it was all smooth and fixed. The feet all needed to be reglued as it was dancing like a drunken sailor.

After all the fixing the fun part could begin.
I painted it entirely cream.

But the top got only a border as I wanted to keep the lovely Art Deco design on the top and also still some of its original wooden look.

Then I went stencil crazy and gave it all kind of checkered details.

With some adorable vintage leaf transfers and some hints of green and pink this pedestal table is all fresh with a romantic vintage flair.

The checkered details remind me of old palaces with their marbled floors, like this one in Warsaw.

I'm in love with the unexpected combination of patterns and colors and am happy it finally gets the chance for a new life.

Or it would be like having a piece of Rome in your home :)

It is, of course, one of a kind and available at StarHomeStudio.


  1. Another piece with a definite Alice in Wonderland feel!

  2. Beautiful! Love checkered details ♥

  3. such an elegant make-over! It does look great with a plant on top!