Tuesday 4 June 2019

Some Home Renovations

If you have been following our blog for a while you might remember this shed. It had a new door and path a few years ago. With the thought that I would also organize the inside a bit I took an inside photo back then but never got to the organizing.

This shed holds our warm water boiler, washer, dryer, lawn mower, a toilet, garden tools, and general tools. A tiny place with lots of stuff. On top of that, the shed is not a straight rectangle but instead, polygon shaped, hence why the washer and dryer were so oddly placed. I actually thought it wouldn't fit side by side or if it did we would lose a lot of space as we can't put them all the way against the back wall but during one sleepless night I thought about something and the next morning I measured it up and turned out my plan was doable.

While the washer was almost against the toilet before, now there is plenty of space between those two things to easily open and use the washer.

It was a simple solution. I measured the odd space and had a white MDF cut in shape, this gave a large table space for detergents and sorting laundry, the lost space in the back was not such a loss because of that. Besides the general space got much larger so we actually won space.

Mum also wanted a faucet there, so I dug up this sink we had at the attic (given to us ages ago), I bought brackets for it, and I took the old faucet from our kitchen (we wanted new ones in the kitchen for ages anyway so that got done in the procress as well). As I did all the plumbing work etc it hardly costed a thing.

When the floor got so open the ugly gray floor bothered me so I painted it teal for some fresh color. And even though we added a sink the space is still bigger then it was before with all the same stuff in it. It is still a weird mixture of stuff but it is a handy space which we use all the time.

The shelves I also completely reorganized before there was all kind of bags, boxes and old drawers, just when I started this project I found these crates at the curb, which were perfect! Total cost for this entire makeover was 48$ (paint, MDF, plumbing tools, new trash bin to fit the space at the left and brackets to hang the sink), the value for us; a million bucks :D

And it seems renovations are contagious as I decided to also tackle our entry stairs, which you can also see here when I did some other TLC in this area.

There are some small finishing touches to do but it is a much cleaner and fresher entry now :)

DIY in your home is so satisfying when you see the before and after, a house is like a living thing, it constantly needs work and attention :D


  1. Congrats for great job! Like the new color. Much better than gray concrete.

  2. Yes, indeed, houses are like living beings...mine hates my guts LOL
    Love the teal blue!

  3. You are such a talent in everything!
    I admire that in you. I might be a good sculptor and painter, but I am useless around the house ^^'