Tuesday 11 June 2019

Newly Listed: Cowry Shell Earrings

Cowry Shell Earrings, Sterling Silver Cowrie Seashell Jewelry by StaroftheEast
Bubbles Black & White Photography Print Art Modern Minimalist Fine Art Photography by CarolynCochrane
Black and White Photography, jellyfish home decor, ocean animal print wall art  by LynnLangmade
Shell Photography, Beach Photograph, Sea Life Photo, Minimalist, Black & White Print by BLintonPhotography


  1. Wonderful! I love how the edge of the shell and the dots make sort of the same pattern!

  2. I have always been suspicious of those little shells. They look like little jaws about to snap at you ;)

  3.   WHAT A GREAT thing. I admire

  4. Gorgeous earrings! As usual I also love the pictures you picked to compliment them :)