Friday 8 May 2009

Little Sister: Our Mums

Sunday it's Mother's day, so I thought it would be a good time to give some attention to our mums. It's a weird relation, and usually a lifetime long. Mothers will be our mothers, and not like friends, lovers or husbands/ wives who can dissapear. Untill I was 9 I only saw mum during weekends, when she was sleeping alot after a hard working week, and of course with dinner. I had my school life and she was working. After her accident at a building sight, everything changed, not only for her but also for me. She wasn't the hard working mum anymore, she first stayed 3 weeks in the hospital and then it took months at home to recover. When the recovery was not going so well they operated her foot (broken heel) and again it took months to recover. She couldn't do anything, which was such a huge change for us both. After a long time when we where still in Holland she still could barely walk we went to Turkey, mum was so fed up with Holland and in '94 she bought the house we are now living in. It took some years for us to sell the house in Holland but in December '97 we moved permanently to Turkey, where she now can walk normally but still has difficulties with many things. So Turkey was the place for recovery, not only for her body but also for her soul... Now I see her 24/7 (wwwaaahhhh) and we work together!

I would love to see your pics of your mum, and hear a story. If you don't want to show a picture of your own mum but you are a mum yourself, I would love to see a picture with you and your kids :) I will post the pictures (and short stories) here in this blogpost.

psarokokalo shares 4 generations of women in her family:
''This photo was taken the first day we came home from the hospital with my little Thalia , this is my mother and my grandmother, it as a big moment for me and for all. This day that my grandmother became great grandmother her joy was so big you can see it in her eyes she is almost crying. My grand mother died last summer, she did get to see thalia for 1 hole year. I loved the moments that we where together and she was singing all the children songs she used to sing to me when I was little. My grandmother was like a mother to me we spent lot's of time together, she teached me a lot about knitting and I still use her sewing machine sometimes. My mother on the other hand (hihi) nothing to do with crafting, she is an architect and is still working, one of the things I love doing with my mother is going on long car drives at night and watch at the shops:-). So in this image is 4 generation of women in my family my mother, my grandmother, my daughter and me (very tired from the first days being a mother) in the up left corner :-) ... ''

Judit aka Vadjutka just resently lost her mum, the wound is still too fresh to speak about it, so let this beautiful picture of her mum's 60th birthday speak, you can see here her farewell post:

Karuski and her mom:
''In this picture I'm with my Mom. The picture was taken a couple of years ago on the beach where my Mom used to go with her parents and siblings when she was a little girl. Visiting this place brought many good memories to her and she talked about her childhood to me. It's quite amazing how fast many things have changed and evolved in some 45-50 years since she was a child. Things that were rare or didn't even exist in her childhood I can take for granted. Like driving a car, watching a tv or surfing the web! I'm ever so grateful for my Mom she has passed me some common sense, human values and practical skills which are still useful and needed in this modern, technical society.'

Alatvian's family: ''Here you see a picture with all women of my family and some young men, too. This was on my moms 70th birthday in October last year. From left: my sister with her son and grandson. My mom. One of my nieces behind her. Next to her - me with my youngest children: Anna and Peteris. Next to me: my eldest niece (pregnant, has a second little boy now).''

Hanni of Vaisto shares two pictures, In the first picture is she and her mom in California -81, the second one is she and her daughter today. :
''My mom has always been working a lot and long days, so my best memories of her are from holidays...when she was relaxed, and had all the time in the world just for me, hanging out, we'd pretend to be famous people sitting in cafes...I loved that :) Sometimes I felt her work was more important for her than me, and this is something I try not to do with my kids. Not easy, as I'm a lot like mom: love my work and wish to achieve a lot.But every day I try my best to give my girls some exclusive mom-time, reading books, listening their stories, asking how their day has been. I love them, and want them to be happy girls and have a secure feeling in their heart, that no matter what mom will always be there for them.''

AyseTugrul with her mum in their beautiful rose garden: 'When my mum and dad got married, my dad was still studying. To support our home my mother made and sold embroidery work. I guess I got my creative side from my mum, who I love dearly.'

Swiedebie shares two pictures and stories: ''My mom is and has always been my inspiration since the day I am brought to this world. Despite her lifetime incurable illness of epilepsy, she has never failed to fulfil her duty and love as a mother and wife to all of us. My mom is a designer, a good cook, a patient teacher, a good disciplinarian, a silent listener, a wise "owl". :D At this stage where she has been very ill since 2000, laying in bed with more complex illnesses in her (she is slowly recovering), she is always smiling, and never complains about her ailments to us. Here I am in The Netherlands, and she is in Singapore, we miss each other very much. My heart will always be so grateful for her loving me unconditionally and bringing me up the way I am meant to be. THANK YOU MY MOMMY DEAREST!

The 2nd picture is taken when my daughter is 10 months old. We were scouted by a modelling agency to work for Johnson's baby brand. The company wants models for Johnson's Mother's Day contest, and we went on our way to work for photoshoots. Kirsten was a professional, though I must say I find it always hard to remove her from every bath then on. We won the contest through votes. My daughter has brought another step of inspiration to me too - to be a good parent as much as I can be and thanks to my mother's teachings. Everyday is Mother's Day to me now. :)''


  1. wow i am touched by your story ! thanks for sharing ..i will try to find a pic of my mom and me :-)

  2. this is so so lovely and touching , thanks for sharing :) :)

  3. Daughter-Mother relationship must be one of the most challenging ones if you asked me, in good and bad.

    It's always nice to read this series, and share by sending pictures & stories:)


  4. Star, I couldnt believe it. My mum and I have never been very closed each other. We always making argument small things. I dont know why? We maybe love so much.

    But your story is so touchable and you love her so much..

    I am going to send my daughter and me pic soon..

  5. Beautiful sharing! Thanks for sharing. I would love to share too. I go n dig out my photos of my mum n me! : )

  6. I think me and my kids have been see quite enough by now :-D Love to read the stories though
    My mum amd me....well let's not delve into that..

  7. Great post with wonderful stories. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. so touching! great posts everyone and so much love.

  9. beautiful Star ...

    you are such a sweetheart

  10. Mother daughter relationships are so precious! I learned so much from my mom and I so value all of that!
    What a beautiful post, Star!

  11. All our moms are so valuable. They are the only person who gives everything without waiting anything
    Thank you so much again

  12. So lovely photos and stories from everyone!

  13. a tear drops for every story i read i get so emotional with stories like that :-) in a good way ! thanks all for sharing!

  14. Thanks for this wonderful stories!

  15. This is such a wonderful post. I was so touched by your story and everyone's post. Both my parents passed away in a car accident over 15 years ago. My mom was the sweetest person I ever knew. She was an artist and inspired me to be creative. We would often bring paper and watercolors to the beach and paint the ocean together. I have one of her paintings framed and hanging in my studio to always bring me inspiration.

  16. :) Lovely idea and touchy story... happy mothers day to everyone and specially to Star-mum :) Hugs.

  17. beautiful blog! congratulations! :)