Friday 1 May 2009

Little Sister: Your Pet(s)

Most of you must know by now that we have 15 dogs, they are a big part of our lifes feeding, washing, vet visits, cuddling, belly rubs and much more...
There are alot of pet lovers, and I would love to see yours! Everyone who has a pet is welcome to send me a picture of your pet(s) (through etsy's conversations), or a link where you have your pets pictures. I'll post it here in this post so that everyone can admire your beloved ones :)

Inger Maaike's Puck, the Jack Russell and Bruce the fawn colored Kelpie:

Sigmosaics: 'Here's a photo of Mog and Barnaby our two cats (the kids wanted to be in the pic too). Mog and Barnaby are brothers... they are nearly 2 years old .. they are named after one of our favourite childrens' stories about a cat and a dog called Mog and Barnaby. We got the cats from a friend'.:

Alatvian's tiny kitten Pooh when he was just a few weeks old:

Here you can see Pooh with Tina his Stephmom and then Pooh all grown up but still close to Tina:

jurgitahandmade's kitty named Brilis: 'He is about 6 months. My husband found him last year next to his work with a broken leg... he was about 2 weeks old... I remember we were feeding Brilis with a pippete even at night time. He will always be the king of our house!':

Kreativlink's crazy doggie:

Karuski's cat: 'We just got a cat this week, Kiti is 10 months old Norwegian Forest Cat. She's been busy exploring the spring seedlings in my pots. Luckily I have managed to salvage most of them! She's a beautiful young lady!'

Kraplap's cutest Dachshund, Peggy:

Strumpfkunst has very original pets, ferrets:

The Spotted Sparrow: 'Here's my kitty named Zelda. I was so excited to make a little reading nook with a cozy chair by the window. She had other plans, however, and has taken the chair for her own!'

ZenZPrint: 'Our lovely, smart, adorable Welsh Corgi named Kafka':

Bijouxdellostregatto's red cat, Isidoro:

LaTouchables: 'He is the King!'

Meltem's handsome Pasha:

Fairycreations siamese cat who is 10 months old, named Bello and the dog, is a 6 year old lady named Doris, they are friends :)

ArtMind: 'Her name is Trits and she's SOOOOO cute! Love her! :) '

PetitPlat: 'Here's our guinea pig, his name is Boudu (he actually belongs to my BF's sister, but his our lil' child :D)'

CreationsbyEve: 'These are our pets, Nera, Vito, Mollie and her three lovely kittens, just one month old! We got Nera from a friend, three years ago and I found Vito half dead from starvation near a church two years ago. Mollie came to our kitchen door pregnant and she decided to adopt us lol!!!'

Lamercerie: 'Here are my friends and companions...first the cats: Piaf, Bramble, Miss Tibbs and Pearl...clockwise from the left. Piaf wandered into my shop as a very small kitten so home she came, Bramble a very old lady now came with me from Scotland 10 years ago, Miss Tibbs is the youngest and like Pearl came from a local farm where the cats just multiply as the farmer is against spaying them! so ever so often I visit and select a kitten and then of to the vets for the op. The dogs...only 2 which seems very worryingly normal...we had 4 until recently Penny the Jack Russell and Sharpie the Shar-Pei...he was rescued by my hubby at 7 months old from a windowless shed, he had been badly beaten, when he came to us he was a very sick and miserable dog who was frightened of everything and as a consequence not very friendly he was called Ulk the french version of Hulk but as we sounded like performing seals when calling him...try it LOL...and we were not at all sure whether he would ever become nice we took to calling him The Sharpie and one day he decided to love us and now he is just wonderful...however over the 4 years he has been with us... he has cost us a small fortune at the vets!!!! Well that's my four-legged family for the moment! we do have a couple of vacancies so maybe soon there will be more dogs!!!'

La Marquise des anges's best friend, her border collie HIRO.


  1. I love pets!great idea :))
    I have a big cat family, will send pics!

  2. sent you a convo :D super fab theme for your post!! I'm sure you'll be inundated with pic's.


  3. Yes, I'll send my most lovely cat!

  4. Can't wait to see more pets! :)

  5. great idea ! Here's my Peggy, I let her pose for you:

  6. how cute creatures all!
    me want tooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. Rita alias alatvian1 May 2009 at 14:11

    They all are so sweeeeeet!

  8. I've just sent you some photos!
    Wonderful idea!

  9. Great to see all the pets!
    I will send you mine, our lovely, smart, adorable Welsh Corgi named Kafka.

  10. Oh lovely pets! I think my cat is also Norvegian Forest Cat as like Karuski's cat.

  11. Lovely collection of cutiest pets!

  12. sooooooooooooo lovely pets!
    can i adopt them all?!?:)

  13. Somehow, that Siamese cat stuck on a tree with a dog next to it - that doesn't look like friendship to me. :)

  14. Ohhh, so many of us have cats! I'm not surprised as they are the most fabulous pet you can have! Hehe! :)

  15. @Gila aka Strumpfkunst: this picture is before 9 months, when the cat became a member of our family...he was a little afraid of the dog but in this picture they play the game:hey dog, catch me if you can!:P hehe

  16. Aaaw! Cute cute!
    Here's our guinea pig:
    His name is Boudu (he actually belongs to my BF's sister, but his our lil' child :D)

  17. I have a border collie ... HIRO will be 2 years old in a few weeks ...

    my best friend :)

  18. Hi :)

    I have two pictures for you:
    1. Miro (who died recently :()

    2. Litto (9 months old):


  19. So sweet! I featured my bunny , Sweetie in my multiply. Poor gal, her legs are not so strong after a terrible illness. Glad she still can eat and ok now.