Thursday 27 August 2015

9 Great Ways to Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

I have to be honest here, I never have recycled a toilet paper roll. We use and throw them away all the time, but lets face it: the 'toilet' part of its name is not something we like to think about :)
Nonetheless I decided to make a toilet paper roll recycle post, see if it will motivate me and others to use them, most likely not all, but at least some :)

  • I like the idea of bird feeders, the glue is peanut butter, you make birds happy and the roll gets a second life, here is an easy tutorial for a bird feeder.

  • Make biodegradable seed starters with the help of scissors, you can see it here, very easy and you can plant the entire thing in the ground later on.

  • Use them to package small gifts, wrap them with a piece of cute paper or magazine clipping and you are ready to go, I also saw an non painted version of them here.

  • Make toys with TP rolls, or make a project of it with your kid. I have seen many many wonderful toys, the mermaid and these race cars are just two examples, I've seen castles and monsters and you can find many more here.

  • I've seen many beautiful frame projects, this mirror is one of my favorites, I also liked this art project. But there are many more projects to explore and I'm sure you could come up with your own ideas :)

  • Although I do love the creative ideas I actually love the more simple daily usable things better. Like an open cut roll to hold paper rolls, wrapping paper and such neatly together. Or using rolls to keep all sorts of cables organized in your drawer, without them getting all tangled up.

  • Although we do not have a fireplace I love the idea of these eco friendly firestarters made with a toilet roll, newspaper and dryer lint, if you have a dryer you'll know how much lint comes out of those! 
  • Once you have your cozy fire and decide to have a special event, make some cute crowns to go with it :)
And finally an honorary mention of artist Anastassia Elias who makes little worlds shadow boxes in toilet rolls, so cool!

  So what do you think? Will you do any of these projects?
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  1. Toilet paper rolls are closely associated with kindergarten mother's day presents over here ;)
    I recycle all my papers and cardboards, so no pressure to make anything with the empty rolls ...

  2. Love the Anastassia project! Jagna did give a few recycle workshops where they were used to make puppets. Not so crazy about using them for packages, don't want to send my customers toilet left overs :-)

    Bird feeder is great, going to do that this winter, and the seed starter is cool also. Was using egg boxes for that this year, but they're a bit to small really, rolls are better.
    Ah, and Walercia was always recycling the rolls for us, you would not be able to reach the thrash bin carrying one, as she would insist that the roll was hers to tear up first :-)

  3. Beautiful Ideas!
    I like the cable organisers the most! I would never taught about that!

  4. I use them to put around wrapping paper, but that's about it :D