Monday 17 August 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air: Armchair Before and After

It took almost a month but here it is, finally the armchair I showed a while back is gone through its huge transformation.

The fabric and style might come familiar, that is as it was part of a set with this Ottoman which we transformed earlier this month. Both still had their original upholstery from the 1950's, some weird pea soup green colored velvet, with trims hiding their pretty wooden legs. The fabric was actually in great condition after all this time, but the general appearance of the set was pretty sad.

Tearing up the old fabric and filling took many hours, which was the state I showed a while back. It was not stapled, but nailed, which was done before the stapler was invented :)

It needed new foam filling and webbing to give it some body and firmness.

Finding the perfect pieces of fabric and embroidery actually took the longest, we changed it a gazillion times and puzzled for many hours with many different vintage embroideries.

Eventually we figured it out, a bold and smashing combo of old embroideries and a magenta pink velvet, screaming for attention :)

A lot of parts needed to sewn by hand, after stapling most of the fabric firmly, for a pretty finishing.
This took a long time too.

 But it was worth it, all the work and patience resulted in an amazing one of a kind armchair, impossible to make a second one.

Full with color, dimension and history. Beside the foam, webbing and pink velvet all materials have a history. The colorful striped fabric is  handwoven and vintage.

This armchair won't be needed to hide in a corner, every side is beautiful and would look great in the middle of your living room for everyone to admire.

And although both changed a lot the Ottoman and Armchair are still a great pair and are separately available in our home decor shop, StarHomeStudio.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You did a great job!

  2. Wow! This is truly amazing! A great transformation!
    Although I am more of a minimalist/modern style lover for interior design this piece could fit in as the "piece de resistence"!
    I can't even imagine the amounts of work put in it by you guys and by all the handcrafters that made the colorful fabrics and embroidery!
    An unique piece indeed!
    Thanks a lot for sharing how you did it, it inspires me to find some time for my interior projects!

  3. Thoroughly impressed... So many skills coming together! Loved the original green velvet actually, and was skeptical as to how to make this one prettier, but am speechless. Hope they get aqcuired as the pair, would be a pity to have them separated!