Saturday 8 August 2015

Globe Collection

Today I got a delightful package in the mail. A few days ago I found an adorable vintage globe online on a Turkish website and bought it. You see I have always loved loved loved globes, but my collection is not much growing as globes are not very common here and where they are either they are out of my budget or they do not ship overseas. So I keep on drooling over globes on Pinterest, where I have a board entirely dedicated to Globes and Maps.

I love how these bookshelves pop with color because of the globes, and hope to have such a collection one day, if you ever want to get rid of a globe please let me know :))) You should check out this blogpost on Beauty&Bedlam where you will see many more beautiful globes all showcased in a wonderful way.

If I ever find an old, cheap battered one I would like to do a project like this floral globe. I wouldn't have the heart to paint a good one, but one in bad shape could get a make over.

And I could easily adopt this entire cabinet with everything included. Love the painted and not painted globes equally, and you can see how the white one was done on I spy DIY and admire the bookshelves from more angles.

I also love maps, but globes have a special place in my heart. Therefor we have a small collection of vintage maps in our decor shop for sale, so that someone else can enjoy it, someone who actually has some walls to hang them on as ours are all full :)

1 comment:

  1. yes I love globes too :) and maps!
    I still plan on getting a big colored world map for our home.
    So far I have 2 globes (gifts), but I tend to be picky and the ones I saw so far I don't find very pretty or... too expensive for me :)