Sunday 16 August 2015

Our Creative Space...

While we're always busy creating I haven't been sharing much creative progress lately.
This pillow however took so many steps that I remembered to take some pictures.
First I made three petal patterns and drawn them on the fabric. I then folded the fabric double and added polyfil under the fabric layers and sewn those three layers together.

I then turned all the leaves inside out and the polyfil filled the petals up, I sew the petals close to that no polyfil would peek out.

I then did the same for the leaves but used a thinner polyfil, I also sewn some leaf nerves for some extra detail and sewn them on a circle in such a way that the leaves where like a bowl to hold the rose nicely together.

The rose petal were too thick to sew them together by machine so I had to sew everything together by hand, but I'm very happy with the result!

It took a ridiculous amount of hours for just a pillow but I guess it was also because it was my first.

The pretty cushion is available n our decor shop, StarHomeStudio.

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