Thursday 23 August 2018

Newly Listed: Knitted Wing Cowl,

Knitted Wing Cowl, Feathers Cowl, Scarf Soft Pastel Scales, Succulent Leaves, Birds of a Feather by StarsWear
Nature Print, Landscape, Tree Photo, Bird Art, Nature Wall Art, Home Decor by KateRyanFineArt
The Art of Staying Aloft No.18 Red-bellied Woodpecker (Pheucticus ludovicianus) by SmallMysteries
Butterfly photo take by me up in the mountains near our house :)


  1. It is great! Have you thought of designing theatre and opera costumes? I could totally see a version of this for Papageno/a in the Magic Flute!

  2. Absolut amazing, the design and the colors are so beautiful.

  3. I LOVE your colors in this... the soft hues with gentle fades, and every now and then... a pop! Beautiful.

  4. This is so unique! Really love how it looks!