Monday 13 August 2018

Trying to Capture the Perseids

These past few night I've been out and about trying to photograph a meteor shower during the annual Perseid shower. The only time I caught something is here above, you can see it at the right side of the mountain.

I even checked the light pollution map site to find a dark place near our town.

Even though I didn't manage a 'shower' as I didn't manage to stay awake till 4 am, I'm still happy with my first attempt to shoot stars, hopefully next year I'll do better :D

Our neighbors ugly house looks nice like this :)


  1. I recently found out about this event. Hope to see this week's starshift

  2. I saw some shooting stars this year. Didn't try to take pictures though ;) Well done on capturing one!

  3. Shooting stars is always difficult! I did it just once when during the last moon eclipse.
    Trying to take shooting stars must be even more difficult!