Tuesday 21 August 2018

When Life Gives you Lemons, make Lemon cake

Back in March someone gave me this bowl because I like 'old stuff'. I said 'thanks' but inside I was thinking 'ugh'. Mum however saw potential in this bowl that was missing a handle.

'We'll make a ship out of it', she said. I thought it would be a very ugly ship :)

We first thought of hiding the feet behind some pieces of driftwood but that would cover a lot of the 'ship' so I thought of removing the feet. Even with a torch they wouldn't budge so I took the bowl to town and had it cut with some more heavy duty tools as a hand saw didn't do the trick either.

Old knitting needles, drilled base and some Sugru (special silicone glue which was about the only new thing we used for this project) started to make this look like some kind of ship.

Then with wires the details on the mast.

And then spray painting it all white, as it was going to become a 'ghost ship' Mum said and finally I started to love it.

'It needs a Mermaid, a decent pirate ship has a mermaid on the front', Mum came back with a mermaid in 2 seconds, a piece she had bought about 10 years ago on Etsy and had been hanging in our atelier ever since. I bent the arms down and she was ready to be attached.

A light spray paint to let her blend in.

The sails, first with paper.

Then with Mode podged hardened vintage lace. A green plastic net (found on the beach) an anchor made of a beach found fish hook and some more details and paint...

Attached to an impressive piece of driftwood and this is not an ugly bowl anymore. I loooove it!

We scratched off some of the paint so that it still has some old charm.

The little flags are made of soft metal and match the wavy hair of the mermaid.

A definite one of a kind, if you have any ugly bowls, please give them to me :D
Available at StarHomeStudio!


  1. THat's qiuite a transformation indeed! Well done!

  2. Wow, looks so awesome and I did not expect it, when I saw your first picture and line :)

  3. I love it. I have a similar lady like the mermaid but she is a flying teacher. It is someone's art I think! AriadnefromGreece!

  4. This is a very romantic story. The ship is a bomb

  5. this is so cool! it was a very ugly bowl but your transformed it into something quite astonishing!