Monday 27 August 2018

Tender Loving Care

I scored this cute but sad little side table with hand carvings a few weeks ago.

It clearly used to be beautiful, all made of heavy solid wood with inlays on the top and hand carvings but it was not protected against the sun and other outdoors elements.

We removed the top, cleaned off the leftover varnish and reinforced the skeleton.

I then painted it with 5 colors of paint, layer for layer from dark to light to let the carvings pop.

Elastic webbing on the top instead of heavy wood.

Foam and betting.

And beautiful vintage Kilim pieces, as you can see I used the paint colors to match the kilim.

Nothing is straight or perfect as all materials are handmade and vintage, but we are embracing the imperfections :)

Available at StarHomeStudio!


  1. Another pretty piece. This time it looked quite cute to start with though ;)

  2. Oh yes! I really like the way the tones in the wood are coordinating with the kilim colors... very nice!

  3. Beautiful! Always a pleasure to see these :D