Thursday 9 August 2018

Newly Listed: Natural Painted Driftwood Sticks

Natural Painted Driftwood Sticks, Beach Home Decor, Driftwood Decor with Feathers and Seashells by StarHomeStudio
Wise Old Owl Photography, Mysterious Owl Eyes, Forest Bird Feathers Nature Woods Photo Print by EclecticForest
Feather Art Print, Large Feather Wall Art, Neutral Wall Art, Farmhouse Wall Art, Rustic Print by RevesEtLumiere
Beach Pathway, Boardwalk, Fine Art Photo Print Summer, Seaside Nautical, Photography by EmilyJungmeyer

And I finally managed to make the video of my Seferihisar dives.


  1. very cool painted driftwoods!
    and I love that diving video! so utterly cool :D

  2. Driftwood is always so pretty.
    What amazes me with your videos is that there are so many fishes. Well, I only ever swam in the North Sea and it's not very transparant so there were probably fishes too ;)